Clearing 2024

We've published our Clearing vacancies. Apply now if you have your grades, or join our Clearing Community for support and guidance ahead of results day.

Clearing at ĢƵAPP ĢƵAPP
Students sit on benches in leafy gardens in summer

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Sensing danger

ĢƵAPP ĢƵAPP researchers have been working for decades to detect and anticipate shifts in the natural world.

Sensing danger
Forest fires in the Amazon rainforest.


High praise from students

Students participating in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2024 rated ĢƵAPP ĢƵAPP highly for teaching, academic support, and learning resources. Among other successes, ĢƵAPP scored 91.5% for learning resources, 88.5% for teaching quality, and 89.9% for academic support.

National Student Survey
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